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GIS and Mapping Solutions for Telecom

Designed to work with your existing SAP and third-party systems, these specialized cloud applications can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth. Our telco solutions provide advanced analytics and dashboards, enabling you to collect and analyze communications data and usage in real time to monitor, manage, and forecast network consumption. Meanwhile, technology, such as machine learning, automates and guides users through complex processes. The company is known for developing networks, software development security, and business process solutions that are helping telecom companies improve their business performance.

For this reason, standing out among telecom software companies, Intellias offers telecom software services that will help businesses fight disruptive competition and lack of organizational agility. Software development for telecom is a rational way to adjust to changing customer needs and uncertainties. Intellias helped our client embark on the migration journey and build a cloud-native, fully integrated network management system that enabled them to scale their business processes and offer more competitive pricing to end customers. With nearly ten billion active mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions worldwide, telecom service providers are seeing unprecedented growth in business revenue. This will only increase as more and more 5G and LTE services come online, bringing with it a need for next-generation, platform-agnostic telecom billing management solutions that support today’s complex telecommunications revenue requirements. Communications service providers are in a fast changing industry with many players competing for customers.

telecom software solutions

Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 employees, Ooma provides advanced voice and collaboration features that are flexible and scalable. Ooma Office combines the ability to have unlimited lines for your https://globalcloudteam.com/ business and an easy do-it-yourself setup with no contracts or long-term commitments. This makes it easy for a small business to scale its office phone system with Ooma as its business grows.

Implementing a telecommunications billing system is not only a way to automate business processes, but it also is the start of the digital transformation of a whole business. For telecom billing, OSS/BSS help arrange proper customer support and optimize the network interface for the end-user. Our clients stay one step ahead of trends in the telecom market with the next-gen LAN / WAN / WiFi routers and other access point devices. Experienced since 2004, our team focuses on advanced telecom and rugged applications with high-speed interfaces, multi-layer PCB, proper thermal and signal integrity modelling.

Location Analytics

Elinext offers custom telecom software development and maintenance solutions to customers. The company provides both Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems . All of our four founders were working in the IT department of a mobile network operator over a decade ago. It telecom solutions development means we have practical experience in software development for the industry, this is what we have started with. We develop new or modernize current business support systems for major international mobile network and internet providers helping them to migrate to a better future.

Collect their input and learn from it to enhance your brand integrity. We have used the awesome capabilities, afforded by TIBCO, to solve the system integration needs of clients in the Finance and Banking, Energy and Logistics verticals. Our developers have hands-on experience in integrating new systems and functionality with the more popular Billing and Customer Care systems, such as, for instance, Amdocs Enabler or Ericsson BSCS. Perform statistical and marketing analysis to determine the effectiveness of current campaigns.

What is convergent billing?

Here goes your much-awaited detailed review of the top 10 telecom services. Outdated systems slow down business development, do not allow it to grow, and reduce competitiveness. Plenty of CSPs starts cross-industrial cooperation with banking, insurance, and retail with the development of MVNOs-as-a-Service, one more revenue stream for both parties. CHR has the experience to design, implement, and support a security solution that best fits your needs. Implement a cyber protection solution now, before it’s too late. Our comprehensive monitoring solutions include 24×7 monitoring, as well as mediation and troubleshooting to ensure you have the network and monitoring support you require.

  • A telecom billing system can generate invoices for each service separately.
  • As an Enterprise software market player, we are in love with Java, know it inside out and reckon it to be one of the most promising technologies for SYTOSS as a custom software provider.
  • Find docs, code samples, helper libraries, and developer tools such as Twilio Runtime and our visual workflow builder, Studio.
  • Track telco network equipment and IoT data in a central repository to simplify collaboration on asset maintenance, usage, and failures – and to keep telco assets performing at their best.

Our solutions provide a single, real-time view of data, so you can closely monitor network conditions, improve asset planning and lifecycle costs, and enhance predictive maintenance across multiple locations. To compete effectively in the digital economy, you must deliver a highly personalized and fully digitalized experience across multiple channels, including brick and mortar stores, online touch points, call centers, and social communities. Tailor-made telecom services and solutions are also crucial if you are to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Network Monitoring

Landmark Maps, Demographic Data Maps and various other solutions which suit your needs. Heatmap of customer feedback across different stores can be generated and visualized on interactive map. Gain a better understanding of network areas, so that each manager and sales rep. can identify areas under their charge. Monitor and visualize location-based preventive maintenance schedule. Provides in-depth knowledge of network areas to make managers and sales representatives identify areas under their charge.

telecom software solutions

We integrate flexible and robust telecom APIs from global telecom industry leaders to your existing business software solutions to optimize workflow efficiency. The data collected by various IoT devices contains a wealth of information and can provide answers to important business questions. Yet, the heterogeneity and specific structure of such data complicates its analysis when using standard analytical tools. You can rely on Megaputer to develop a custom IoT data analysis solution that makes full use of your data and generates reliable answers to the questions you have.

Location Intelligence and GIS Solution for Telecom

CHR provides a full range of Managed IT and Cloud services and solutions and are customized for the unique business challenges you face. Our technical knowledge and industry expertise helps you minimize risk, manage technology implementation, and determine the most cost-effective approach to delivering a solid Return on Investment. Our engineers are highly experienced in all technology aspects needed to secure financing, long-range system planning, and system design and cost analysis.

Your revenue depends on being able to support your legacy customers while at the same time creating/adapting to new markets, business models and/or competition. To quickly build and launch new products, services and bundles requires a telecom billing system that is scalable, flexible and adaptable to all business environments. We have successfully actualized telecom software solutions that back system prototyping and gadget producers to encourage their opportunity to-showcase, consequently spare huge expense. The company provides custom telecom software, third-party software integration, and telecom software testing services to improve telecom customers’ customer service. We integrate third-party telecommunications APIs, cloud communication platforms, telecom expense management system, call center software, and more into your existing systems and applications to deliver success-driven telecommunication operations results.

If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any other vendor – you can enhance your telecommunications capabilities with our industry cloud solutions. Telecom software from SAP can help you optimize supply chain logistics for both retail and field operations while complying with industry regulations. With AI-powered scheduling, planning, and dispatch, you can run more-efficient field service operations, improve customer satisfaction, and lower costs. They develop the solutions using advanced digital engineering services to help customers render a seamless and delightful experience to their users.

CallShaper partners with businesses to maximize contacts, track the performance of agents, manage leads, telemarketing, and sales processes. The drag-and-drop interactive voice response editor allows managers to transfer calls to third-party stakeholders and other recipients based on agents’ availability, time, or type. CallShaper lets call centers analyze databases to determine landline or wireless leads, Do Not Call list numbers, and call abandonment rates whilst maintaining compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulations. Supervisors can import leads by uploading files in bulk and agents can utilize call scripts to communicate and resolve clients’ queries. Using predictive and preview dialers, marketing agents can automate call handling processes and review lead information before client interactions. Ooma Office is an award-winning, easy to adopt and affordable business VoIP solution for any size business.


They know how to use the technology to ensure good quality and consistency of the processed data, as well as the optimal processing speed. Our excellence in Java stems from several dozens of Enterprise-level projects, and B2B, B2C, and B2E projects we have implemented for clients in the Telecom, Real Estate, and eCommerce business domains. As a system integrator, SYTOSS helped a telecom operator expand in a new market and delivered software and middleware… We have a strong team of Telecom-savvy Business Analysts with vast experience in all the major Telco-related areas. This team has hands-on experience implementing Telecom solutions for two major Telco accounts in Europe.

The system’s goal is to ensure accurate billing for all customers regardless of their plan and billing period. SAP can help you start or enhance your telecommunications digital transformation – no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, you can get started with the RISE with SAP solution.

telecom software solutions

We can improve the multifaceted procedures that trudge the telecom organization’s tasks. Equinox Information Systems provides data mediation and usage analytics tools for fraud management, business assurance, and network monitoring. Since 1986 more than 380 telecommunications companies have trusted Equinox Information Systems to be their partner. Telecom software from SAP enables you to manage telco network assets to cut operating and capital costs and improve utilization.

What is OSS/BSS in telecom billing?

Deep dive into digital transformation and software modernization with us. A new normal that has evolved from generation X is on the runway heading towards a streamlined cloud solution. It will change the way digital services are provided across all industries globally.

By listening and engaging in real time with relevant information, you can translate individual experiences into satisfying customer journeys. Using technologies based on the IoT and 5G, our telecom software is supporting digital transformation in dozens of industries. Puresoftware builds and implements custom solutions for top telecom companies to ensure business growth. Today, you have many companies offering software services to customers worldwide. And this makes it challenging to find the right company for your unique needs. We will help you ensure the development and the operation of your ecosystem analytic with DevOps teams.

With convergent billing, the customer doesn’t need to sift through numerous bills. Additionally, we have worked with over a dozen billing systems to deliver premium managed and professional services without experiencing a single billing failure. “For years, Onvoy has relied on Equinox software for network management. TeleLink allows Onvoy Voice Services to quickly integrate additional acquisitions and expand into new markets.” “No one delivers cost effective, dependable solutions better than Equinox.”